Nic + Zoe

NIC+ZOE is an innovative fashion brand that thoughtfully designs knitwear and apparel for authentic, American women. Not models, but role models. Women who know that quality clothing can do more than make an impression on the outside, but fuel the fire on the inside. NIC+ZOE founder, Dorian Lightbown, is one of those women. With the belief that clothing should always inspire and never stifle, she creates intuitive pieces that effortlessly move through all of life’s artful turns. NIC+ZOE makes it easy for women to get dressed for the moments that matter; both big and small. The women’s clothing brand provides dynamic women with easy style solutions that move with them throughout all they do. NIC+ZOE creates style that never stops for women who don’t either. Explore their latest collection at 6815 – C Phillips Place Court, Charlotte, NC 28210.



Monday to Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 12pm - 5pm